Checking Out Mallorca Villas

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Checking Out Mallorca Villas

Checking Out Mallorca Villas

Two of the most popular destinations for those who are on holiday are Mallorca in Spain as well as Albufeira in Portugal.  If you are looking for holiday villas, you can get what you are looking for when you take a look at Albufeira villa holidays in Portugal or Mallorca villas in in Spain.  Both of them have a lot to offer for those who are traveling to these countries and who want the ultimate in privacy as well as comfort.


Years ago, when you decided to take a holiday to Spain or Portugal, you got a hotel room.  This was usually cramped and did not have all of the comforts that you were used to having whilst at home.  When you start to rent a villa, however, you are actually getting the home of someone who leases out their home so that others can lease it.  This gives those who are going on holiday a lot more choices when it comes to accommodations. 


When you rent Albufeira villa holidays, you can get a taste of what it is really like in this region of Portugal.  You have the ability to live among those who also live in this part of the country and get more than a tourists take on your holiday.  Albufeira villa holidays are for those who are traveling in groups as well as those who are traveling alone or as a couple as there are so many of them from which you can choose. 


Mallorca villas are also a way that you can see this part of Spain as a native.  If you enjoy the local customs and culture, you can get to see what it is all about when you visit this region in Spain.  If you have always stayed at hotels when you are in Spain, or in resorts for tourists, you are in for a treat when you decide to take in one of the Mallorca villas that are available on the market for lease. These are private homes as well as apartments that you can lease during your holiday.  If you do not want the usual tourist treatment when you go to Spain, you can rent a villa and see what it is really like. 


You have many choices when it comes to villa holidays.  You can go all over the world and rent a villa instead of getting a standard hotel room.  You usually pay by the week when you lease a villa instead of paying by the night, which usually saves you money.  There are kitchens and laundry facilities as well as plenty of room that you can enjoy as well when you lease Albufeira villa holidays or Mallorca villas.  You not only get to experience what it is truly like when you are visiting Portugal on holiday, but you also get to see what it is like to have all of the privacy that you need and experience the culture of the people who are living around you. If you are considering a holiday, consider villas as your choice when it comes to accommodations. You can find villas for lease when you go online. 

If you want to experience the true flavor of Portugal, you can lease Albufeira Villa Holidays. You can also take in Mallorca Villas when you go to Spain.  To discover more about getting a villa when you go on holiday, you can go to Villa Centre.

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4 Top Attractions in Albufeira, The Algarve

4 Top Attractions in Albufeira, The Algarve

The Algarve is full of great towns and villages to visit during an Algarve luxury holiday, and one of the best is Albufeira. This delightful city is packed full of things for the whole family, making it the ideal place to stay or to visit during your holiday. Here are four of the highlights to check out when you next visit Albufeira.

1. Marine Zoo

Marine Zoo is an excellent place to spend the day during your trip to Albufeira. If you are looking for things to do for the whole family on your Algarve luxury holiday, then you can’t go far wrong when you head to Marine Zoo. Packed full of marine creatures and birds, including seals, sharks, dolphins and birds of prey, there really is a whole world of excitement on offer. Fun is mixed with education, as kids learn all about endangered species and conservation issues. There is a huge aquarium, a 4D cinema showing environmental films, and lots of theme park rides as well, making it an excellent day’s entertainment on any Algarve luxury family holiday.

2. Sail on a Pirate Ship

The Algarve has a rich maritime history, and you can really get to experience the full thrill of that during your Algarve luxury holiday by taking a trip out to sea on a full-sized pirate ship. Operated by Dream Wave, the pirate ship is known as the Leãozinho, meaning the Little Lion.

When you head out on a tour you can choose to go for a two-hour tour or a half-day tour. You’ll visit beautiful spots along the coast, including sandy beaches and attractive rock formations. You are normally given the opportunity to go swimming in the sea, and often you will see dolphins as well. It all makes for a fantastic day out.

3. The Old Town

If you’ve been to the Marine Zoo and taken a trip on a pirate ship, the next thing you may want to do on your Algarve luxury holiday is to take a bit of a break and relax. The Old Town area is perfect for doing just that. With its quaint pedestrian cobbled streets, pleasant restaurants and bars, and numerous cafes, it is perfect for walking and relaxing. Evening is the best time to visit as the Old Town really comes to life. You’re certain to catch some street musicians performing, and there are plenty of shops to explore. If you are looking for interesting places to visit then there is the Archaeological Museum, but if you’d rather just chill out by the sea then there are a couple of pleasant beaches to choose from – Praia do Peneco, and Praia dos Pescadores (The Fisherman’s Beach), which is probably the most popular.

4. Beaches

Aside from the two beaches in the Old Town, there are lots of other beaches to explore in Albufeira. Whether you want to stay in the city, or you’d rather take a short drive to the outskirts for even more options, there are plenty of beaches where you can relax, hire an umbrella, lie on the sand or take part in some water sports.

Enjoy all that Albufeira Has to Offer

Albufeira is a fantastic place to visit for an Algarve luxury holiday. With so much to do for all the family, it is ideal as a side trip for a day or two to enjoy all the many activities on offer.

John Dixon is Managing Director of Prestige Holidays, a specialist travel company who have provided a wide portfolio of Algarve luxury holidays, as well as many other destinations around the world, for over 30 years.

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Reasons For The Popularity Of Albufeira Beach

Reasons For The Popularity Of Albufeira Beach
ations for a holiday trip? Well, there are several places that you can consider about when you are planning a holiday trip. However, there are only few places, suitable for trip with friends as well as with family. One such place is the Albufeira beach . This beach attracts people not only for its breathtaking scenic beauty but also for the wide range of activities. Cultural Heritage: Whether you have come for a vacation with friends or with family members, you would be interested in the cultural heritage of the place. The streets and several establishments give evidence of Albufeira’s history. The rich cultural heritage of Albufeira would satisfy your thirst for knowledge. The Musuem of Archaeology speaks volumes of the rich cultural history of this place. The pre-historic artifacts that have been treasured in this museum indicate that people of different cultural traditions have made settlements over here. The Castillo del Mar is also one of the major attractions for people who want to get some hints of this place’s history. Natural Beauty: The natural beauty of this place is also a major cause of attraction. The wide range of flora and fauna that is found here is rarely found in other places of the country. If you are nature lover and want to spend sometime in the splendour of nature, Albufeira is the place for you. Marine Zoo of this place deserves special mention if you have come with children. However, that does not mean that the museum is meant only for children. This museum also attracts the attention of the adults. Nightlife: Nightlife of a tourist destination plays a significant role in determining the popularity of the place. If you have come for a vacation with friends, you would surely check the nightlife of this place. Even if you have come with family, you might want to enjoy a night out in a different manner. Then also you would be interested to check the nightlife of the place. Albufeira has some of the best clubs, pubs and bars. Therefore, if you are planning a trip to this place, you can be assured of excitement filled nightlife. Though most of the places remain open till late night, you will not have to worry about the security factor. Albufeira is also popular among the golf lovers. Albufeira golf courses attract thousands of tourists every year. The beach destination of Albufeira has something or the other for everyone. Therefore, if you want to plan a trip in this place, you need to plan your activities properly. To avoid any unexpected problems, you should always plan the trip in advance.

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Holidays in Praia da Rocha

Holidays in Praia da Rocha

Most people search their holiday getaway destination (in such a case Praia da Rocha) often just before or even as soon as they make a reservation for the tickets and with this under consideration we want you to be capable of finding out a little more about your holiday destination before you decide to step on the plane.

Praia Da Rocha lies on the west side of the Algarve and is approximately 50 minutes travel from Faro airport.

Praia Da Rocha started out living in the 1930′s as a quiet and stylish holiday resort. However with the actual opening of bargain airline tickets by flight companies in the 1970′s coinciding with the improvement in condominiums being built, the coming of the Algarves second biggest major resorts was complete.

So, exactly why do men and women come back back to Praia Da Rocha again and again? Can it be that the Algarve merely averages seventeen days of rainfall per year? Perhaps it is the 2km long seashore of Praia Da Rocha that men and women wish to mosey along of an night! Or maybe it’s the many rock formations around the shoreline which inturn in fact presents Praia Da Rocha its identity meaning “Rock Beach”

Whatever it is, i am sure that once you’ve been you’re likely to keep coming back again and again to Praia Da Rocha like so many others before you.

Within Praia Da Rocha itself the most glaring fascination simply happens to be the actual seaside! However peak vacation months please do not be taken aback to discover the beach in high use from 8am till well after 10 pm through the night. This could now get even later as a result of attractive brand-new “beach night clubs” that have been erected in the season of 2006.

Outside the resort there are many other activities to try and do. For people who like a good walk it is easy to go from Rocha in to the lovely town of Portimao which is a 15-20 minute walk. Additionally you can get a nearby coach (LINHA AZUL) meaning the Blue Line. This is often picked up at bus stops along the top road and at the moment costs?1.20 per person, children under 12 go absolutely free. If you would like to return to the vacation resort in less than a couple of hours(not during peak season) then merely show your ticket once more when you are back on the bus and you’ll not be recharged.

You may also wish to rent a car for several days or get yourself a coach ride to the wonderful area called Monchique. The Monchique range covers a large area and also includes FOIA which happens to be the recognized highest peak within the Algarve. The views from FOIA are awesome and must be experienced. Dropping back down into the little community of Monchique by itself you are able to stop into the small car parking places just off the street as several of those have Water Springs that tastes wonderful and is quite exhilarating during summer. Continuing on down the mountain you can expect to drop into Caldas Do Monchique, this is the Roman Spa area very well liked with holidaymakers and is an attractive shaded spot to stop off for a picnic or maybe an intimate hour with your cherished one.

For those wanting a little more action one can go “off roading” with one of the many local tour staff. This takes you off the beaten track up into the Monchique Range. The local day fishing ports of Alvor, Portimao and Rocha itself have many fishing vessels who offer to take you fishing at reasonable prices. You can even get a 1 hour boat trip from Portimao Marina that will take you to the historical town of Silves. They will on the whole offer you a couple of hours inside the town just before taking you back to your starting point.

Know more about the area by visiting Praia da Rocha or for more particular details about local sights visit things to do in Praia da Rocha

Taking a Holiday in Praia da Rocha

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Holidays in Portugal Villas – Are They Right For You?

Holidays in Portugal Villas – Are They Right For You?

Villas in Portugal are a synonym of luxury, golf fields and glamour. Well-furnished and elegant villas in Portugal are great if you are hoping for a high profile holiday, without spending great amounts of money. Nevertheless, if you are looking to relax and rest during your vacation, you may find Villas in Portugal a bit disappointing.

Most of these villas are located near the city and there is a lot of building work being done on them, which is why people who are hoping to relax during their holidays will find it very difficult with all the annoying noising resulting from building work.

The banging and drilling noises can really get to one’s nerves, ruining everything you hoped for in your vacation. Also, building work affects the view. Traffic noises also may affect your peaceful holidays. Most people keep dogs, so their barking can really ruin the peace and quiet environment as well.

As luxurious as they are, many of this villas are quite affordable, which is great if you are on a budget and you want to keep the prices of your holidays low. But if this is your case, there are some extra fees to take into account. Some of the restaurants in the area are really expensive. Also, many villas are far away from the airport, so your taxi cab’s fare may be relatively expensive too.

In some areas of Portugal, like in Monchique, the weather is unpredictable. This is something you should consider, because bad weather can definitely ruin your holidays. Also, holidays in Portugal villas are not suitable for children, since there is no entertainment available for them. So if you are planning to travel with you family you may want to go on another direction.

It is also recommended to be careful with some websites that advertise plenty of facilities for you to use in the villas, because some of them only offer a flat studio and a shared pool, despite of their advertisements. Some of these villas in Portugal do not count with a shuttle bus into town nor bars or any kind of entertainment, so if you would like to go to town, you will need to take a taxi cab, and there is an extra fee you were not considering.

Another option is to rent a car, since the beach and the shops are not at a walking distance. So add up the cost of a rental car to your budget. Summing up, villas could be great for a couple’s getaway, who are not on a budget, but if you are planning a trip with your children or if you are looking for peace and quiet away from traffic and building work noises, villas in Portugal may not be the right choice for you.

CEO of Advertizia, Julian J. Lenox writes articles and website reviews for Travel and Tourism Top 100, a websites reviews repository specializing in tourism. Sources for this article: Best Holiday Villas in Portugal.

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Four Popular Albufeira Activities For Stag Groups

Four Popular Albufeira Activities For Stag Groups
Stag celebrations are very important to the would-be-groom because this is the last time that he is celebrating his bachelorhood with his friends. Entering into a wedlock brings in a lot of responsibilities. As a best man, you have to make sure that he enjoys the last night of freedom to the fullest. While selecting a location for the stag party, do ask about his preferences. There are various popular stag destinations to choose from. If you are planning to organise stag celebrations abroad, explore the beauty of Albufeira, a magnificent city of Algarve. Albufeira activities catch the fancy of stag groups all over the world.

As mentioned above, this city offers several activities for stag groups. This piece of article highlights some of the most popular activities enjoyed by stag groups visiting Albufeira.

1. Dolphin and Cave Watching: Watching Dolphins in the blue sea is a dream come true. You can go on a cruise along the Algarve coast, between the Carvoeiro beach and Albufeira beach to see groups of dolphins playing in the water. It helps you relax and rejuvenate in a natural way. While on the cruise, you will discover some of the amazing rock formations and caves.

2. Pirate Boat: Let the would-be-groom enjoy his last days of freedom in a different and unique way. The famous pirate ship ‘Leãozinho’, which means little lions sails through the dazzling sea to the most most spectacular spots located at Algarvian Coast. Discover the adventurous spirit on this historical and enjoy watching sandy beaches of Algarve coast.

3. Diving Activities: Diving activities can keep stag groups busy through out the day. Diving centres in Albufeira emphasis not only on the high quality but also on the best service and safety. Visitors to these diving centres finds different activities under one roof, from diving courses, guided diving to equipment rental. Underr the expert guidance, you will soon learn a lot about diving and other things related to it.

4. Golf Club: Natural Wildlife Reserve in Albufeira gives an opportunity to golfers to play this game in the best surroundings. For a sophisticated bunch of stag groups, this place is a perfect choice to consider. The sea view from the golf course adds more fun to your golf experience.

With so much to offer, you can certainly consider Albufeira for stag celebrations. The would-be-groom along with his friends would cherish this for a long time.

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Praia Da Rocha

Praia Da Rocha

Usually people look up their holiday destination (in this case Praia da Rocha) either before or after they book the tickets and with that in mind we want you to be able to find out more about your destination before you step on the plane.

Praia Da Rocha is positioned on the west side of the Algarve and is just over fifty minutes drive from Faro airport.

Praia Da Rocha started life in the 1930′s as a quiet and elegant resort. However with the opening of cheap flights by airlines in the 1970′s simultaneous with the upsurge in apartments being built, the creation of the Algarves second biggest resorts was accomplished.

So, why do people come back back to Praia Da Rocha year after year? Maybe it be that the Algarve only averages 17 days of rainfall per year? Maybe it’s the 2km long beach of Praia Da Rocha that people love to stroll along of an evening! Or possibly it’s the many rock formations along the coastline which actually gives Praia Da Rocha its name meaning “Rock Beach”

Whatever it is, we are sure that once you have been you will come back time after time to Praia Da Rocha like so many others before you.

Here in Praia Da Rocha itself the most glaring attraction just happens to be the beach! In the main peak holiday months please do not be taken by surprise to find the beach in high use from 8am until well after 10 pm at night. This may now get even later due to the amazing new “beach bars” that have been erected in the summer of 2006.

Outside of the resort you have many different things to do. For those who like a good walk you can go from Rocha into the pleasant town of Portimao which is a 15-20 minute wander. Alternatively you can get the local bus (LINHA AZUL) which translates to the Blue Line. This can be picked up at bus stops along the top road and currently costs ?1.20 per person, children under 12 go free. If you would like to return to the resort in under 2 hours(not during peak season) then just show your ticket again when you get back on the bus and you will not be charged.

You may also wish to lease a vehicle for a few days or get a coach ride to the marvelous area called Monchique. The Monchique range covers a wide area and includes FOIA which is the official highest peak in the Algarve. The views from FOIA are spectacular and must be seen. Dropping back down into the small town of Monchique itself you can stop into the little parking areas just off the road as many of these have Water Springs which tastes lovely and is very refreshing in the summer. Continuing on down the mountain you will call into Caldas Do Monchique, this is a Roman Spa area very popular with tourists and is a lovely shaded spot to stop off for a picnic or maybe a romantic hour with your loved one.

For those wanting a bit more action you can go “off roading” with one of the many local tour operators. This takes you off the beaten track up into the Monchique Range. The local fishing ports of Alvor, Portimao and Rocha itself have many boats offering to take you fishing at reasonable prices. You can also get a 1 hour boat ride from Portimao Marina which will take you into the historical town of Silves. They will usually give you two hours in the town before bringing you back to your original point.

Learn more about the area by visiting
Praia da Rocha
or for more specific information about local attractions visit things to do in Praia da Rocha

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Seville Cathedral

Seville Cathedral

Seville Cathedral was constructed around the 14th century on the site of an old mosque, and took 100 years to build. Most of the old Almohade Mosque was demolished to make way for the new Christian cathedral, however, the Moorish entrance of the Patio Naranjos and the Giralda Tower, were both preserved, and still stand to this day.

The cathedral covers and immense area of 11,520 square metres, and what the Christian builders did, was to add height to the cathedral’s dimensions. The central nave rises to a staggering 42 metres, and one of the first details that strikes you about Seville’s cathedral is the sheer magnitude of the overall structure.

The exterior of the building is notably gothic in style, with detailed flying buttresses, which were used to distribute the weight of the cathedral’s ceiling and dome.

You enter the cathedral by the Puerta de San Cristobal, and just inside is the tomb of Christopher Columbus, which attracts many visitors. Christopher Columbus was originally buried in Havana, Cuba, the island, which he discovered, but during the Cuban revolution his body was transferred to Spain and here his remains lie. His tomb was designed in the late Romantic style, and is held up by four huge statues, which depict the Kingdom’s of Leon, Castile, Aragon and Navarra.

The interior of the cathedral of Seville consists of a central nave and four aisles; as is very typical in Spain, the decoration is extravagant, with gold everywhere. However, the cathedral still exudes a feeling of simplicity and piousness. The central walkway and nave is very plain and simple, with the majority of the great monuments being housed along the side aisles.

The focus of the central nave in Seville Cathedral is the Coro, which consists of intricate 15th century choir stalls. The Coro opens onto the Capilla Mayor, which is dwarfed by the magnificent Gothic Retablo (the altar piece). This masterpiece of craftsmanship was the single lifetime’s work of one man, Fleming Pieter Dancart. The structure comprises of 45 carved scenes, which depict the life of Christ. The detail is carved in wood and covered with gold. The Gothic Retablo is the largest and most ornate altarpiece in the world.

The Sacristia Mayor houses the treasury and amongst its treasures are artworks from Goya, Murillo and Zurbarán, plus the keys presented to Fernando by the Jewish and Moorish communities when the city was surrendered to the Christians. Engraved into the keys is the Arabic script, “May Allah render eternal the dominion of Islam in this city”. And still to this day, there is much of Allah and reminders of the Moorish occupation in Seville.

Finally you come to the Capilla Real, or Royal Chapel, which houses the body of King Fernando III (El Santo) and his wife and son. The tomb lies within a large silver shrine.

To the left of the Capilla Real is the entrance to La Giralda, the Moorish minaret, which now functions as the cathedral’s bell tower. La Giralda in its own right is a Seville sightseeing attraction, it is one of over three remaining Almohad minarets in the world and has survived since its Moorish birth at the end of the 11th century. It is absolutely worth the climb to the top to wonder at the magnificent views to the city of Seville.

Going on a city break to Seville? Holiday apartments in Seville is a great economic alternative to hotels.

Steffen Hansen is living in Spain and is the owner of which are specialized in holiday apartments in a wide range of Europen cities.

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Award Winning Albufeira Breaks

Award Winning Albufeira Breaks
A recent poll has revealed that Albufeira is one of the most popular tourists destinations in Portugal, if you havent already uncovered just what this resort has to offer then step right up and explore a truly award winning holiday destination. Situated a mere 40km west of the main Faro airport, Albufeira is the perfect spot to explore just what makes Portugal so spectacular. One of the biggest attractions of a holiday in Portugal is the variety of things to see and do, with the country offering both ancient artefacts and modern tourism facilities. So what are you waiting for? Albufeira is waiting to welcome you to its sunny shores!

Just simply walking around Albufeira is like being on a sightseeing tour, head along the famous tunnel and you arrive in the centre of the towns narrow streets. These streets lead to the bustling fish market where visitors can get a sense of what it would be like to visit Albufeira before it became such a popular tourist resort. This ancient part of Albufeira is one of the best places to enjoy the many monuments and ruins that the region boasts, the streets are completely untouched by tourism which can often make you feel that you are actually stepping back in time.

There are literally hundreds of restaurants and cafes around the city of Albufeira, with delicious local cuisine that will ensure that you never have to resort to fast food during your stay! Some of the most popular delicacies include steamed shellfish and the many variations of fish stew. Being a coastal city, it is no surprise that seafood is so popular! Albufeira is one of those fantastic holiday resorts that truly come to life at night, with a lively Strip area in the town centre that offers plenty of bars and nightclubs including the trendy Garage and the tourist favourite Linekers. Sports fans do not have to worry about missing their favourite team in action with plenty of dedicated sports bars showing all major sporting events, the ideal way to relax after a night out in Albufeira town.

With great beaches and plenty of markets, shops and boutiques to explore during your stay it is no surprise that so many people flock to this Portuguese resort each year. The sheer amount of things to see and do sets Albufeira apart from many of the typical tourist destinations, offering holidaymakers the chance to combine ancient culture with the bright lights of modern tourism.

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Get Active This Summer With a Luxury Holiday to Portugal

Get Active This Summer With a Luxury Holiday to Portugal

Portugal is considered as the most ancient country of Western Europe. This is the best place for you to spend a luxury holiday, especially if you have interest in art and culture. It is a country packed with wonderful old churches, wordy momentous forts and stunning tombstones. These are evenly harmonised by the fresh age of buildings, and machinery that have sprung up in modern days stimulated by an upbeat growing financial system.

Portugal is rich in traditions and these powerful local traditions have been there for over many centuries. This has showed the way to a powerful and different sort of structural design leading to the Portuguese declaring that they possess the most remarkable models of primitive architecture throughout the Europe. Combining this with Portugal’s superb typical weather makes Portugal one of the best tourist destinations.

Many small villages while roaming around in Portugal amaze the intelligent tourists. This gives out a sensation of harmony and calmness that makes your holiday very peaceful. Many of these villages are veiled within the confused walls of castles. Geographical location of these villages is wonderful.

Many tourists only arrive in Portugal for a peaceful holiday to embrace the beauty of sun and sea. For those tourists looking to freshen their religious rituals, this is the best place to visit. It is a spot of extended fresh sandy beaches moving to the purest water in Europe. This region is known universally for its clear water that is magically encircled by spectacular rocks.

Portugal holds various events because of its wonderful whether that attracts the tourists to come back year after year. One such event takes place every October. This is known as the Angra do Heroismo International Jazz Festival. This event has flourished in few years and it is now considered as one of the best jazz festivals of Europe.

The central area of Portugal is also famous for holding its individual Festival of The Estuary, held annually in late July or early August. Throughout this celebration, the city of Aveiro rips open into life and the group of tourists becomes an embodiment of delight and happiness. Such type of events can change your boring day into a wonderful luxury holiday with lots of fun everywhere.

If you are a fun seeker and want to enjoy your holidays by watching something different then you may find it in Portugal, in an International Show, jumping competition that is held each July in Cascais. This globally renowned occasion presents a number of finest horses and riders from all over the world.

If you are a Golf lover, then you are at right place. It has some of the top golf courses in Europe and a temperature to match. You can stay in holiday villas throughout your holidays in Portugal. Enjoy your holiday at an ideal holiday location but make sure to get a competitive quote for accommodation before going to Portugal. There are wonderful resorts with lots of amenities waiting for you.

For more information about Luxury Holidays in Portugal visit ITC Classics

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Karon Beach

Karon Beach

There are many beautiful beaches on Phuket however one of the most popular beaches is Karon beach. This popular Phuket resort area is located a few miles south of Patong beach and is one of the most family friendly beaches on the island.

Karon beach is especially very popular with travelers from Europe and amongst tourists visiting this wonderful Thai travel destination. The beach at Karon is one of the longest and cleanest beaches on the island. Another reason why many families prefer staying at this Phuket beach over for example Patong beach is that there are less beer bars and nightlife venues.

If you are interested in finding out more about this excellent resort area on Phuket then be sure to continue reading this article.


You will certainly not get bored if you decide to spend your holiday in the Karon beach area. There are numerous activities and attractions which tourists can enjoy there during their vacation. Along the beach you will find plenty of water sport activities such as parasailing and jet skiing and there are also a large number of dive shops in the town of Karon. If you enjoy shopping then please note that there are many small shops and stores which cater mainly to travelers.


Visitors can choose from all types of accommodation in Karon beach. There are many different types of hotels and resorts located in this Phuket beach area as well as dozens of inexpensive guesthouses. If you are looking for a more luxurious type of accommodation then you could look into holiday rentals. Karon beach is home to a number of beautiful pool villas which tourists can rent for a few days or even several months.


If you are the type of traveler that is visiting Phuket because of its excellent nightlife then perhaps Karon beach would be the wrong place for you to stay during your vacation. There are no discos there and only a limited number of beer bars. You could take a Tuk Tuk down to Patong beach every night as there are many nightlife venues there and it is only a few miles away.


If you enjoy visiting many different types of restaurants during your vacation and to sample many different types of food then you will feel right at home in Karon beach. There are many different types of excellent restaurants there and some of the best seafood restaurants can be found along the beach road of Karon.

James is travel consultant living on Phuket and is working on a number of projects. If you are looking for information about Phuket then be sure to visit his Phuket guide which includes an excellent section with information on Karon beach.

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Amazing Huelva Highlights

Amazing Huelva Highlights

For natural and awesome landscapes with great sandy beaches and for some authentic Spanish style, look no further than Huelva. It is the charming and tranquil Andalusia province that offers refreshing vacations in the summer months.

Huelva province is situated in the south of Spain west of Andalusia, between Portugal and Cadiz, Seville and Badajoz provinces. Huelva comprises seventy-nine municipalities that together include a total of 600,000 people.

Huelva has plenty of great beaches and sunshine to offer; it has a wide diversity of intriguing landscapes, such as the Doñana nature reserve, historic architectural monuments and picturesque natural landscapes of the mountains and the sea. For example, the National Park is one of Europe’s most significant wetland reserves for over 365 species of birds that have been recorded, whether they have resident or migratory status; some are considered to be endangered species. The reserve also functions as a park for guided trips, trekking or horse riding, with museums housing informative facts about the residents and place.

Highlights of Huelva

Near the National Park is the infamous village of El Rocio where Rocieros flock by the thousands every year to pay homage to their saint, the Virgen del Rocio, at the most festive event in Andalucia, the Romeria del Rocio. The festival has evolved between the local pagan and Catholic beliefs, which has created a great hive of festivity during its celebration, presenting a truly spectacular sight with hundreds of pilgrims flocking to this part of the world in eager anticipation to participate.

Huelva was made famous by Christopher Columbus who arrived at the old Palos de la Frontera port before he went on to discover America. Palos now proudly displays replicas of the famous explorer’s ships in the open dock.

One must not miss the spectacular and awesome Sierra de Aracena even though it is not very high for a mountain range, at 1.059 meters. Around Sierra, one will discover more gems in the Andalusia where typical Andalusian homes are found; those white washed villages with chestnut forests all around and home cooked cuisine. These are examples of the natural beauty all around Huelva.

Another unique sight at Huelva is the Rio Tinto Mines that is at Nieblas Village. The Rio Tinto River is named the Red River from the red colored water flowing through the ferrous ore mines. Both the river and the land around can be seen as a beautiful myriad of red, orange, brown, green and yellow as the water runs across the area. The Rio Tinto Mines are supposedly the world’s oldest mine that was enriched by history, and as legend has it – they were King Solomon’s mines. These mines attracted the Phoenicians, the Greeks and the Carthaginians, with the Romans coming in last but not least.

But the Romans abandoned the mines in 1556; they were only re-opened in 1724 by the Spanish.

Due to bad management and inefficiency, the mines were sold to a British consortium in the year 1871. The British saw the potential of these mines and worked at them until they turned into a profitable commercial entity to and became the world’s most significant sources of sulfur and copper.

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Alvor in Algarve

Alvor in Algarve

The Carthaginians are the creators of Alvor, and the tale of Alvor is very engrossing. Romans had called it Ipses, back then it was considered an important port and allowed to issue its own money. The long history of Alvor is clear from the discovery on Vila Velha hill (which overlooks the Ria de Alvor) of a Neolithic village retaining traces of subsequent Roman settlement.

Alvor is a river creek, a picturesque fishing small town fixed in between Lagos and Portimao in the western Algarve. The Romans gave it the name Ipses and it was used as a port by them for 600 years, there are the traces of a Roman villa positioned a little inland from the village. The Moors then arrived in the Algarve in 716 AD, and Alvor which they named Albur would again have been used both as a harbor and as a part of their coastal defences during the 500 years of their control of the Algarve.

In 1242 the Moors were finally defeated at Silves and left the Algarve altogether; sadly any remnants of the Moors’ town were destroyed by both the earthquakes of 1532 and 1755. King Dom Joao II, who is considered in Portuguese history as one of Portugal’s most superior kings died in Alvor during 1495 following a long illness.

The early 16th Century Parish Church in Alvor was restored after the earthquake of 1755 and still has a perfect example in its main doorway of the perfect artistry of the Manueline era of architecture. It was the only building that more or less survived from the earthquake.

Approximately 20 years ago Alvor was a very modest fishing village, since then there has been a large amount of building of hotels and apartment buildings and several golf courses nearby. The waterfront until about 2000 was what you would expect of a small fishing village, since then there have been new snack bars and bars erected along a new road, the old fishermen’s huts have been cleared away and new wooden buildings constructed for them on the south east side of the lagoon.

Alvor is also well known for its elegantly colored small fishing boats, the boats are still very much about, but the fishermen now tend to use the much easier to look after modern fiberglass boats, and you can still see the fishermen preparing their catch, down by the fisherman’s shelter on the quay, ready to supply the restaurants. A very recent developement is the creation of a man made lagoon with four islands in the south eastern corner of the lagoon. Portugal is very strong on conserving the natural habitat for wildlife and it had become clear that with the Alvor estuary becoming popular for visiting yachts, kite sufing, water skiing, diving and pleasure boating

They also boast new concrete pier with a crane for small boats plus two concrete slipways and a new marina. The marina is small with just three pontoons and is completely full with local boats, most of them used for fishing. Whilst rafting is not commonplace in Portugal it has become the norm at Alvor for the larger fishing boats.

Alvor with around 200 restaurants and bars, has possibly the highest concentration of places to eat in the Algarve, you can try anything from elegantly cooked fresh fish, grilled sardines served with home made bread or boiled potatoes being a specialty to chicken piri-piri, and lots of other prescribed Portuguese dishes, or you could visit one of the excellent Chinese or Indian restaurants, with so much to choose from where do you start!

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Boats or party boats are also known as Pontoons boats which can usually seat more than 6 peoples are rented for the purpose of boating. Many people they like to enjoy and spend the holidays with boat racing or a journey with exploring the beauty of a lake with their friends or family members. Boat rental is about renting these boats or even a house boat for a vacation trip. Many have seen that renting a boat is a great way to enjoy the beauty of lake for one or more days. Usually these boats are rented for family vacations or for enjoying with a group of people for more days. There are some rules and regulations when renting a boat for a trip regarding the rental rate, operating boat etc. Even though many are renting a boat for the purpose of fishing as they like to do fishing on boats. You can hire a boat for daily basis or even for a half day. But if a boat is rented for a vacation trip for a group of people usually they hire it for more than 2 days or for a week or month too.

Usually a boat is rented out for the purpose of fishing, swimming, boarding, to float in the river or lake, water skiing etc. Regardless of these requirements of the customers there is a great amount of responsibility that needs to follow the clients when hiring or renting a boat. There are some agencies to who help to rent or hire a boat within a limited budget level with providing all facilities to accommodate in. All the house boats include space for dining, living room, bed room, kitchen, toilets and all like a normal home. If you like to call a meeting or a small party with your friends or family members with a cool and peaceful atmosphere hiring a boat could be a great choice. Many boat renting agencies are providing a range of boat types for you to try for all purposes.

Rent a boat come in a verity of options to choose from a wide range of boat models, and you can hire it for an hourly and daily rentals to some weeks or months long charters. So before renting a boat first decide where you want to go and the purpose of boating. That means renting boat is for many purposes including fishing, boat journey etc. So care should be taken while choosing a boat and a boat driver for a daily, weekly or monthly basis. It’s quite natural that occur a boating accident during a boat journey or during fishing on boats so care should be taken while choosing a boat for racing, fishing or for any purpose. Also you should be careful while traveling in boat and to hire experienced drivers for boating as boating accidents are as dangerous as car accident. Anyhow some people they rent these boats for a calm peaceful float in the river or a lake.

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Sizzling Seville

Sizzling Seville

The city of Seville is located in southern Spain. With a population of more than 700,000, it is one of Spain’s largest cities as well as the capital of Andalusia. It is also called Sevilla in Spanish.Seville sits at the valley near Guadalquivir River, which is 60 km long, allowing silver and gold to be brought into Sevilla from the New World for distribution during the conquest of the American continent.

Why is Seville famous

Seville is noted for its charming culture, traditions, monuments and artistic heritage. It is the birthplace of Flamenco and orange blossoms at every corner. It has the third largest cathedral in the world, the Giralda tower, which is awesome to behold magnificent palaces, the intimidating Maestranza bullfighting ring and the most spectacular Easter processions.The Guadalquivir River is an easy landmark to guide the tourist through the city following its flow in Seville. A lot of sights can be found on the river’s east bank with historical sites and theme parks at the west bank.

Top Seville Attractions

The cathedral in Seville is the world’s third biggest; it also boasts as being the world’s biggest Gothic structure. It houses the resting place of the famed explorer Christopher Columbus, otherwise known in Spanish as Cristobal Colón. Its cathedral stands in the exact spot of a previous mosque of Almohad, with some Arabic elements still observable on the back tower of the La Giralda cathedral, such as the rare pointed mini towers.

The Reales Alcázares, which was built by Castile’s Christian king, is said to be Europe’s oldest royal palace today. This palace welcomes Spain’s royal majesties when they visit Seville. The palace is definitely worthy of a second look at its amazingly differing architectural constructs put together, unlike another. Here you’ll enjoy the different Muslim, Christian and Mudejar styles in their constructions.

The heart of Seville is its picturesque Santa Cruz, with its quaint narrow streets and white washed houses, complete with not only fresh flowers, but also iron grilles, making them look cozy like a typical and well defined Andalusian home.

The Plaza de España was first built in 1929 for some specific cultural exhibition, but now it serves as an open space facing the Maria Luisa Park. It has charming ceramic tiles, bridges, fountains with decorative arcades and benches lined alongside, representing every Spanish province.

La Macarena church is famed for its Virgin Mary statue that is used in Easter processions. There are more interesting pieces dedicated to Virgin Mary, which are housed in a museum at one part of the church. Nearby, you will enjoy Moorish city walls that are 11th century old.A ten minute spin on Seville’s pinwheel will give you a panoramic view of Seville. Last but not the least, don’t leave Seville without checking out its world renowned Flamenco shows.

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Holidays at Albufeira!

Holidays at Albufeira!

Albufeira is very famous as the specific destination for young couples. Regardless of its enticing appeal for the youth, it is a great vacation destination for families with kids and older people. The Albufeira resort is very calm and serene and is a little away from the main summer vacation crowd. This allows people to enjoy a more intimate and fun environment. The beaches at Albufeira are very fine and beautiful. There are a wide range of restaurants and bars that offers great cuisine from all around the world, so it offers something to every visitor. Yet, you will find that the prices at the restaurants located in the Old Town and the Strip (or the sea front) are a little higher than the cost of the food you will be able enjoy at higher places up in the hill’s a little away from the sea shores.

Albufeira town is actually divided in a 2 division distinct. The first division includes the strip or the sea shore where you will enjoy visiting great modern shops and a series of nightclubs that offers you a fantastic evening and night life experience. The old town area is a sounder with cobbled streets, shops, restaurants and bars that are available throughout the town square. Albufeira is a famous winter vacation destination as you will be able to enjoy a range of winter activities that include fishing, boat trips, walking down the beautiful streets and lanes and visiting various beautiful golf courses to enjoy the game of golf.

Near the town of Albufeira, there is a traditional Portuguese fishing villages that is known as Alvor. It is located on a natural lagoon which is sheltered and opens out in the sea. Alvor is a town with an Old Parish Church which is located at the center of town. You will be able to enjoy a variety of Portuguese cuisines while visiting the great range of restaurants at Alvor.

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The Algarve

The Algarve

If you are visiting Portugal, Algarve will surely be the number one destination spot on the list of places to visit. It’s sure to win a place in your hearts with the most beautiful beaches in Europe, top golf courses, scenic cliff views and beautifully done grottoes along with its warm year-round Mediterranean climate. All this is definite to make Algarve the southern most part of Portugal a tourist destination.

Most tourists come to Algarve to enjoy the cleanest of beaches that you can find in Europe. With more than 30 of its beaches making into the European Unions ‘Blue Flag”, tourist flock to this sunshine land. Along with its beaches you will also be enchanted with it historic towns like Sagres (also known as”The end of the World” before the age of Discovery), Faro, and Lagos all worth exploring.

The Algarve coastline as well as the central region is thickly populated with tourist who come to Algarve to enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean climate, among the entire hustle bustle you will also find traces of traditional Portugal along with its narrow whitewashed streets as well as peace and quiet in the cove beaches.

The latticed chimneys and the white domed buildings along with the almond trees remind us of the Moorish settlement and influence that’s visible in its architecture. The well known beaches in Algarve are Praia da Marinha and Armação de Pêra. For all those who would love to enjoy at the spa you can visit the Caldas de Monchique at the well known spa town. You will find spa’s to relax yourself and restaurants and resorts near the beaches, so you can munch on and enjoy the cool Mediterranean Sea breeze.

Weather on the Algarve.

The temperature at Algarve fluctuates between 15 deg Cel in winter to 31 deg Cel in summer. The temperature does not fall anywhere below zero in the winter months. Thus making it ideal for the tourism industry, mainly for people from colder regions like Germany and U.K

Some of the exciting places to visit when at Algarve are;

Faro being the capital of the district houses several monuments, medieval walls, Cathedrals from the Roman -Gothic origin and museums. The Churches in Sao da Misericórdia and the Nossa Senhora do Carmo along with some of the existence of the Roman ruins make it a must visit. As these towns are located several kilometres apart you will need to hire a car on the Algarve.

Lagoa is scenically surrounded by vineyards and is perched on a small hill; hence it’s known for its wine produce. The white houses along with its vineyards lightened up by Mediterranean sunshine make it a picturesque place. The nearby Carvoeiro has charming sandy coves and is an old fishing village which has now transformed itself to a holiday resort.

Portimão reminds you of a beautiful framed picture with its golden sand all framed with its rocks and cliffs. The slopes of the mountains are covered with pine trees and wild flowers making it an alluring walk up the hills and a panoramic sight from above. You will find shopping exhilarating with a wide range of wicker, earthen ware, cane, handmade lace and embroidery on sale.

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How to Travel in Faro – Everything You Need to Know About Faro Airport Transfers

How to Travel in Faro – Everything You Need to Know About Faro Airport Transfers

For those looking for beautiful beaches, warm weather, a variety of attractions and excellent accommodation options, Faro is an ideal holiday destination. So, what is the best way to travel from the airport to your Faro accommodation? And how can you travel around this picturesque seaside town quickly and easily? Read on for tips and advice about the best ways to travel in Faro for relaxing and enjoyable holidays to the Algarve region of Portugal.

Faro Airport transfers
Before starting your holiday to Faro, you’ll need to find the quickest and easiest way to reach your accommodation. Faro Airport is just seven kilometres from the town centre and there’s plenty of choice for Faro airport transfers. Taxis, buses and rental cars are all available to take you to your accommodation from Faro Airport, but for a truly relaxing and hassle-free start to your holiday in Faro, why not choose a pre-arranged holiday transfer?

By pre-booking your holiday transfer from Faro Airport to your accommodation, you can be certain of a transfer without lengthy bus or taxi queues and there’s no need to worry about the transfer price as it will be agreed before you travel. Plus, holiday transfer companies have a wide range of transfer types to suit your travel needs. These include minibus transfers for small groups or large families, private transfers for couples or single travellers, limousines for luxurious transfers and even wheelchair accessible transfers.

So, for a hassle-free start to your holidays to Faro, a pre-booked holiday transfer is the perfect choice.

Transport in Faro
To make the most of holidays to Faro, it’s vital to know the best ways to get around the town’s different attractions. Walking in Faro is a great way to discover lesser known or quieter areas such as the Cicade Velha or Old City. This 18th century area of beautiful historical architecture and cobbled streets is best enjoyed by foot, as are Faro’s stunning beaches.

The network of buses in Faro also makes it easy to reach and enjoy sights such as the many historical museums, the markets full of local produce, the stunning Rio Formosa Natural Park and the variety of shops along the Rua Santo Antonio and Rua Francisco Gomes. Plus, those who choose to hire a car for holidays to Faro can explore the town’s nearby beaches as well as resorts such as Tavira and Albufeira.

Of course, you can also travel to the best sights and attractions Faro has to offer your own way with pre-booked holiday transfers. Why not choose limousine transfers for a stylish way to travel? Or how about booking a minibus to take your group of friends or family for a fun day at the beach?

Whether you’re planning on spending your holidays to Faro relaxing on the beach, enjoying some retail therapy or exploring Faro and the rest of the Algarve, just a bit of planning and research into the best ways to travel will help you to enjoy your holiday your way.

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